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Perihelion Games and Periorbis originated from a fairly simple idea. That idea was to create a space based game where the board would move to imitate the orbits of planets or other astral bodies and create some interesting strategy play. If you have even seen or played an old computer game called Malkari then you’ll have an idea of what I had in mind.

The initial scheme was, in retrospect, rather too ambitions with lots of planets, fleets flying around, economic development and some military combat thrown in for good measure. Once we started the design of the game it became clear that such a game would be huge and take days to play, so we scaled it back to become what we now call Periorbis.

The basic concept of Periorbis is this:

Players take the role of pioneering asteroid miners in a newly settled sector of space. They start off with a planet based HQ and a handful of basic employees.  Over the course of the game, the players vie to set up mining operations on the asteroids which orbit the planet, and try to extract and sell the most ore.  What I think makes the game interesting and rather unusual is that the asteroids will orbit round the planet meaning that they won’t always be available and that players will need to plan ahead and invest wisely so that they can reach the asteroids and bring back the precious ore in the critical closing stages of the game.

Periorbis can best be described as a Euro style strategy board game, where the main mechanic of play is worker placement. Our intention is to make it easy to learn, but hard to master. If we get it right, then even experienced players will want to play again to see if they can eek out that little bit extra from their workers.

Only time will tell if we can make it happen.



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