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Someone wise once said, “Strike while the iron is hot.” Well, it’s more the weather than the iron that’s hot at the moment, but strike we did with tweaks to the 2 player game.

The slight issues from last night’s game have all been resolved, and the balance has been restored to what we’ve come to expect from playing with more players. The flow of today’s game was also hugely different, which is a relief because I was a little worried that there would be less replayability with the 2 player version.

The way that we’ve designed the starting employee cards means that there are 12 different starting combinations for the 2 player game. Follow that up with many more options for the first set of new employees to come into the HR market, and it will be a while before the same combination comes around again. The other nice thing about the two player game is that it plays fairly quickly, because you don’t have to think so much about what can happen before it’s your turn again.

We are only going to advertise this as a two player game if it really works, and it certainly looks like it does to me.

Now, to test the other combinations to make sure they are equally well balanced. I hope someone tells my wife I’m working, otherwise it will look like I’m having fun.

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