Update 62: Production underway

Hi everyone, Just a short note to let you know that Update 62 has been posted on KickStarter. In the update you'll find some photographs of the various components being made for the game and a quick review of where we are in the process. Best, Gareth

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We hope our US backers enjoyed their 4th July celebrations yesterday. My wife and children are American, so despite living in the UK the atmosphere was festive here too. Although we're saving the sweet-potatoes and marshmallows for the weekend! We've paid the production invoice. There's something about sending large amounts of money abroad that makes me nervous. It doesn't help that the [...]

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Print and Play

Hi everyone, This week sees a short update for those of you wondering about the Print and Play version of Periorbis. Before I do that I should let you know that we're pleased with the progress on the art front. More images in next week's update! As you know we're busy creating new art for the game. This art will be used [...]

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Updating our timeline

Initially we'd planned to deliver Periorbis by the end of October. We allowed time for finalising the design files, the physical manufacture of the game and the shipping first from China to our distribution centres and from there on to your individual doorsteps. As a team, Periorbis is our first manufactured product and while the process is running smoothly it is taking [...]

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Keeping in touch!

Starting today we will be publishing updates for our backers here at, on Facebook, and over at KickStarter. If you've not heard anything for a few weeks, it's actually because we've been very quiet. but that's about to change and we're really keen to make sure we're able to get updates out to everyone. So, whatever your preferred platform you can [...]

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How the art is made

We love making games, but we couldn't do it without access to the amazing skills of our artists. They bring the worlds we imagine to life and help us share our games in a way we could never achieve without them. Here Carl shows us how the art he makes comes together in this fantastic time lapse video.

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Periorbis is a Kickstarter Staff Pick!

We have just been awarded Staff Pick status for our Kickstarter campaign. It's fantastic to see that they love Periorbis to! We're into the last few days now and closing in on our stretch goal. It's not too late for you to get in on the action and help us make Periorbis as good as it can be. Back us now on [...]

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Periorbis – Employee skill levels

Believe it or not, getting the employee deck right was one of the most challenging aspects to designing Periorbis. We starting off believing that we could simply put in as many cards as we wanted and players would quickly sort out what was good for them and ignore the rest. It turns out that doesn't work very well! There are lots of things that need [...]

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Periorbis – The asteroid track

Following the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we've had a lot of questions and a number of suggestions about the asteroid track which makes up much of the main game board, and controls which of the asteroids is available to players on each turn of the game. It's fantastic to have people interested in Periorbis, and we love to hear your ideas and suggestions. [...]

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Launching a Kickstarter campaign

Caught a little unprepared. (or how it feels to launch a Kickstarter campaign) Unprepared in a good way mind! Just now a notification has popped up on my phone to announce that Periorbis has raised £13,000 ($19,380) in less than two days on Kickstarter. I like Periorbis. The confidence and enthusiasm of the (international!) team we've developed and playtested it with is [...]

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Periorbis as a 2 player game

Periorbis works brilliantly as a 2 player game, providing lots of challenges and a really close finish. Read on to hear about a game we've just finished playing and some of the scenarios we faced. In an attempt to regain some dignity after my recent thrashing at Periorbis, I challenged Gareth to a rematch. Here's the highlights of how it went. The [...]

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Elite: Dangerous

It's not all about designing games around here, we rather enjoy playing them too. Recently I've been having a go at David Braben's Elite: Dangerous. This isn't a review as such, but rather a reflection on the game and my experience of it so far. Why 'so far'? Because I already know I'll be spending quite a bit of time in this [...]

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You can appear in Periorbis

One of the pledge levels that we'll be offering on Kickstarter is the chance to have your likeness incorporated into the game. To give you an idea of how the cards will look, here's another couple of examples. Click on images for a higher resolution version (4mb each). Engineer Captain  

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