Periorbis Play Testing – Success!!

/, Periorbis/Periorbis Play Testing – Success!!

Wow! What a game. If they’re all like that from now on I think we’re done on the game design!

Four players, four different paths chosen, four different challenges encountered, and the scores so close at the end. So much so that Jase was up standing on his chair. I can’t resist sharing the photo with you. Even now it makes me smile!

Jase on a chair

A very quick synopsis of last night’s game:

  • I was playing yellow and started with the Captain. The extra shipping allowed me to earn lots of income in the first couple of turns and I shot off into an early lead on the victory points track. But, after that, I found all of the good miners got taken before it was my turn and at the end I was struggling to mine enough ore to keep my lead.
  • Jase was playing green and started with the Engineer. He ran a solid second place for most of the game, but didn’t manage to retain the services of a good agent until the very end which hurt him a bit. Ultimately, the competition for resources meant that he couldn’t ship to his full potential on the final turn either.
  • Gareth (A), playing purple, started with the Scientist and went down an early investment route. He had less cash early in the game, but the investment paid off towards the end and he very nearly took the honors. I think it was his miners stuck out on the asteroids with nothing to do at the end of the game which cost him the vital actions he needed.
  • Gareth (B), playing blue, got into financial trouble early in the game and had to sell some research which hampered his progress. From there, the automatic balancing that we’ve built into the game helped to bring him back into contention, but in the end it just wasn’t enough.

The pictures below show the scores and state of the board at the end of the game. As you can see, only a couple of points in it so one good or bad decision could have made all the difference either way. The amount of resources seems to me to be about right as well. A few pockets of ore left here and there, but not much at all.

Next stage of the process is to get some proper prototypes made up and do some wider play testing to see what others think of it. We’d also like to get some independent reviews. Wish us luck!
Board at end of the game

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