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Morning boss, welcome to the office!

In Periorbis, you will be able to hire up to 7 employees to do your bidding and build your mining empire. Although all employees will be able to carry out all actions in the game, you will receive a bonus if they are employed to carry out their specialist actions.

The Engineer

Engineers build mining bases using remote builder drones, expand your HQ office, and deploy new technologies developed by your scientists more efficiently than other employees. As more capable engineers become available you will find they become even more efficient, saving you considerable amounts of money as you complete vital upgrades to your fleet and offices.
Engineer v1.0

The Agent

Agents get better terms when negotiating contracts to supply ore to the trading ships which visit the system.
Agent v1.0

The Miner

Skilled miners extract more ore from the asteroids where you have established mining bases.
Miner v1.0

The Captain

Trained captains can command more ships to transport ore and miners to and from asteroid.
Captain v1.0

The Scientist

Last, but by no means least, educated scientists are faster at researching new technology.
scientist v1.0

As the game progresses you will be able to hire more employees with better and better skills, but they will demand higher wages so make sure you hire the right specialists for the jobs you have planned.

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