Welcome to Perihelion Games

//Welcome to Perihelion Games

Hello and welcome to Perihelion Games, we’re happy you found us!

We’re a new company founded by three friends who enjoying playing strategy board games. Some of our favourite games are Agricola, Power Grid, Factory Manager, Le Havre, and the classic, Puerto Rico. The games we like tend to be Euro Games and while there are some amazing games out there, we’re always looking for something that ticks all of our boxes. Rather than wait for someone else to do it we’d like to take our passion one step further by designing and producing our own games. We know there’s a lot of work involved in producing a new game, but we’re equally sure we’ll also have lots of fun along the way!

Stand by for further information on our first game, Periorbis, a Euro-Style game in which players exploit asteroids for profit.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey.

Dave, Jase and Gareth
The Perihelion Games team

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Dave has been playing games since he figured out that you're not meant to eat the pieces! He lives in London with a very understanding wife, who occasionally agrees to playtest the new ideas and models he churns out.