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Since the last play test update, we’ve been trying to simplify the rules and mechanics to strip out anything which adds unnecessary complexity or game time. The end result is good, but it’s been very interesting how sensitive the economic model is to seemingly small changes.

One of the changes we made earlier this month to simplify the contract mechanics resulted in players being able to generate a bit more money throughout the game. The knock on effect was that players were able to expand and take on new employees pretty much every turn. The knock on effect of that was that the employee cards started to run out before the end of the game, and we started to go off the end of the victory point and wages tracks. In retrospect, it’s obvious what the problem was and we were able to sort it by tightening up the income again, but it took us a fair few games to work that out. All good fun, but quite time consuming!

This week, we’re going to be introducing the game to two new play testing groups. I hope they like it!

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