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When we designed Periorbis, our main focus was on getting the 4 and 5 player versions of the game to work well, and so that’s where we focused our initial play testing. For a lot of the early games it was just the three of us, so Jase and Gareth have had to work pretty hard managing two players at a time. My excuse for only playing a single player is that I’ve been recording all the moves so that we can analyse and balance the economic model and see  impact that has from game to game.

Once we were happy, we moved on to testing it with 3 and 6 players. With a slight change to the starting resources and number of cards, those also work very well. It turns out that the game scales really nicely for different numbers of players.

Tonight was the first test of a 2 player game, and I’m pleased to say that works really well too. There’s something about a head to head version, and the inevitable sabotaging that goes on, that appeals to my darker side. When there’s more players you need to focus mainly on what’s best for you, but in a two player game you can also factor in what’s bad for the other guy (or gal). Tonight, Jase was doing his best to mine all the ore out before I got a chance to play my turn, which was a tactic neither of us had tried before. Nice to see another possible way to play.

At the end of the game, we decided that we hadn’t got the resources and cards quite right this time, but it won’t take long to get those balanced up.

So, it looks like we’ll be putting 2-6 players on the box. I wonder if there is any demand for a solo version………?

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