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It’s been a busy few weeks, and we’ve made a lot of progress towards making Periorbis a reality!

Play testing continues a pace, which I’ll cover shortly in a separate post. We’re close to agreeing terms with a manufacturer in China to produce samples and ultimately a full production run. We’ve made contact with freight forwarding companies who will be able to ship the games en-mass from China to the UK and US, and fulfillment companies who will package and post on individual copies of the game. Jase has been setting up our KickStarter campaign and lining up reviewers. He’s also been doing some preparation for a couple of videos of us talking about the game (I’m cringing already at the thought!) And, Gareth has been liaising with our artists and working up the design of the board etc, which is looking good.

The one area that’s holding us up is the artwork. Unfortunately, our lead artist is based in the Philippines and has been affected but the floods. I’m not sure how badly. The good news is that we’re still getting the odd file through so I’m hoping it’s not too bad where she is. I’m also hoping that she’ll be up and running at full speed again fairly soon and we’ll be able to get back on track.

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Dave has been playing games since he figured out that you're not meant to eat the pieces! He lives in London with a very understanding wife, who occasionally agrees to playtest the new ideas and models he churns out.


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    Eric 19 March 2014 at 15:50

    Hello – your game came up in a google search, and piqued my interest… mainly because I’m making a boardgame called “AstroMiner” that involves mining asteroids.

    Since designers operate in vacuums, and because I don’t want to create conflict or competition where it isn’t necessary, would it be possible to find out a little bit more about your game? I’m reasonably certain our mechanics and components are nothing alike.

    Also, your game seems to be referred to as both “AstroMiner” and “Asteroid Miner.” Have you locked the name down yet? I’ve already created logos and materials, generating some minor buzz around “AstroMiner,” so if you’re still uncommitted to that name, this might be the easiest fix.

    Please advise. : )

    • Gareth Newton-Williams
      Gareth Newton-Williams 24 March 2014 at 12:09

      Good to speak with you Eric. As discussed, we have gone with Asteroid Miner. All the best with your game!

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