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Hi everyone,

This week sees a short update for those of you wondering about the Print and Play version of Periorbis. Before I do that I should let you know that we’re pleased with the progress on the art front. More images in next week’s update!

As you know we’re busy creating new art for the game. This art will be used to create the files required by the manufacturer to make the game components, and will also be used by us to create the Print and Play version of the game. While Print and Play gamers will get their hands on the new version of the game first, they also need to wait for us to finalise the component files before we can wrap up the Print and Play version of the game and they can receive their rewards.

Turning the manufacturing images into a useable PnP game is a relatively straightforward process, albeit one that needs to be repeated for both UK and American paper standards. If you don’t have access to either of these and you’ve backed a print and play version of the game then please let us know what format you’ll need in the comments.

So the process will be as follows:

Finish the art
Create image files for the manufacturer
Send to manufacturer
Create image files for Print and Play
Upload Print and Play files
We’re also looking at creating some other items with the new art including prints and t-shirts. We most likely aim to make these available on an on-demand basis.

That’s it for this week.

Thank you again for all of your support!


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