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Initially we’d planned to deliver Periorbis by the end of October. We allowed time for finalising the design files, the physical manufacture of the game and the shipping first from China to our distribution centres and from there on to your individual doorsteps.

As a team, Periorbis is our first manufactured product and while the process is running smoothly it is taking longer than we’d allowed for. With Christmas on the horizon we wanted to let you know that the game won’t be ready for delivery before the end of this calendar year.

Given our experience so far we’re keen to avoid making any more timeline promises we can’t keep. Instead we’re going to let you know how the game is progressing by way of these weekly updates. During the finalisation of the art and game files we’ll share selections of the new art as its produced. Once the game is being manufactured we’ll share images and updates from the factory and then we’ll keep you posted on the international distribution process at the end.

While the process is slower than planned it is otherwise proceeding as we expected. We have enough money, the quality of samples is to the standard we expect, and we’re getting very excited as the new pieces of art are produced and the final version of the game comes together.

I know some of you will be disappointed that the game won’t be available for Christmas and I apologise for that. We appreciate your continued support.


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