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The Company

Perihelion Games is based in London, UK and was set up in 2013 by three friends, Dave, Jase, and Gareth, to design and produce quality board games.

The inspiration for the company name came from the space based theme of our first game Periorbis

[formally known as Asteroid Miner], which involves asteroids orbiting around a planet. ‘Perihelion’ is the point in the orbit of a planet or other body where it is nearest to the sun. We could pretend there was a clever reason why we chose that, but really, we just liked the sound of it.

The Team

Dave Morton
Dave MortonGame Guru

I run the game development and manufacturing side of the business, and I’ve been playing games pretty much since I figured out that you’re not meant to eat the pieces!

When I was younger, firm favourites were Monopoly, Stratego, and Risk. But then my dad taught me how to play chess and it got kind of serious after that. Since then I’ve had a strong preference for any game that doesn’t involve a lot of luck, so I play a lot of Euro style strategy games. Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that dice hate me, and that decks of cards don’t much want to be my friend either, so I do my best to steer clear of them whenever possible.

Since we made the step to making our own games, the mathematical geek in me is really enjoying designing and balancing the in-game mechanics. The economic model in our first game, Periorbis has been both challenging and rewarding to develop.

I live in London with my very understanding wife, who occasionally agrees to be a play tester for our new ideas. No kids though, I’m just not grown up enough for that. Plus, I don’t want them eating all the pieces!

Jase Allan
Jase AllanMarketing Master
I run the Kickstarter and distribution elements of Perihelion Games – all great fun and a steep learning curve.

I have loved playing board games since I was a kid and remember well the family nights-in playing Cluedo. I graduated to more complex board games (Axis & Allies was my fav) as I started high school and from there my passion for board games has continued to grow. European style or games with only a small element of luck is my main gig, but on occasion I do like a bout of dice rolling…or better still, a bit of live Texas Hold’em poker in Vegas.

The only thing that keeps this in check is my wife and two daughters!

When not playing games, I have started turning into a middle aged man growing weird vegetables in my garden (anybody up for cucamelon or purple carrots?).

My day to day job is pretty tame compared to creating games…I wear a suit all day and help sell products from my company…please don’t judge me…I’m just trying to cover the mortgage!

GarethTech Talent
I’m responsible for the Perihelion Games website, social media, art, and all things tech. I’ve been blogging for several years now and get a real kick from engaging with people through the web.

I’ve been into tabletop miniature wargaming for as long as I can remember and have a loft full of miniatures, terrain and paint for systems such as WarmaHordes, Infinity, Victory at Sea, and pretty much everything put out by Games Workshop. However, while I’ve been gaming my whole adult life I’m something of a late bloomer where it comes to board games.

I started playing seriously when I met Jase and Dave a little over a year ago. We clicked right away and they invited me along to their board games group. I discovered amazing titles like Game of Thrones 2nd Ed, PowerGrid, Puerto Rico, Le Havre, Catan, and Through the Ages and haven’t looked back.

Every now and then I still manage to fit in a bit of mini painting here and there too!