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Update 62: Production underway

Hi everyone, Just a short note to let you know that Update 62 has been posted on KickStarter. In the update you'll find some photographs of the various components being made for the game and a quick review of where we are in the process. Best, Gareth

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We hope our US backers enjoyed their 4th July celebrations yesterday. My wife and children are American, so despite living in the UK the atmosphere was festive here too. Although we're saving the sweet-potatoes and marshmallows for the weekend! We've paid the production invoice. There's something about sending large amounts of money abroad that makes me nervous. It doesn't help that the [...]

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Print and Play

Hi everyone, This week sees a short update for those of you wondering about the Print and Play version of Periorbis. Before I do that I should let you know that we're pleased with the progress on the art front. More images in next week's update! As you know we're busy creating new art for the game. This art will be used [...]

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Updating our timeline

Initially we'd planned to deliver Periorbis by the end of October. We allowed time for finalising the design files, the physical manufacture of the game and the shipping first from China to our distribution centres and from there on to your individual doorsteps. As a team, Periorbis is our first manufactured product and while the process is running smoothly it is taking [...]

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