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First ever video script!!

Man alive, at no point did I ever think that creating a board game would involve writing a script! After looking at lots of other websites for inspiration, I just got down to putting some pen to paper. It's amazing how 14 years of corporate life affects your vocabulary and makes you sound so clinical (yet efficient!)...anyway managed to pull together something [...]

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Periorbis – Logistics

After a bit of searching and negotiation, it looks like things are starting to come together on the manufacturing and shipping front for Asteroid Miner. Still lots to do to join the dots and get a finished article into the shops, but its definitely going to be possible. Watch this space for further updates. Who would have thought that designing the game [...]

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Welcome to Perihelion Games

Hello and welcome to Perihelion Games, we're happy you found us! We're a new company founded by three friends who enjoying playing strategy board games. Some of our favourite games are Agricola, Power Grid, Factory Manager, Le Havre, and the classic, Puerto Rico. The games we like tend to be Euro Games and while there are some amazing games out there, we're [...]

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