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If you would like to talk about Perihelion Games, or our first game Periorbis, please feel free to use any of the text or images below. Thank you for taking an interest in us.


New board game that successfully melds together orbital mechanics, commerce, science and cool artwork into an exciting and fun strategy game.

  • Periorbis is a new strategy game currently live on Kickstarter
  • Gamers who have played and tried the game have called in “Powergrid in space!”
  • Euro style worker placement game with a deep space theme and stunning artwork to match
  • The game is finished but we have a host of stretch goals to further improve the materials and add extra characters to the game
  • Our funding target is £15,000 but we have raised £17,000 in our first week with an end date of 18 May

Peri box


  • Periorbis is brought to you by Perihelion Games which was established in 2013 in London by Dave Morton, Gareth Newton-Williams and Jason Allan
  • Our mission is to create strategy board games  that combine underlying gaming mechanics which rely on skill and judgement in new and interesting ways – finished off with stunning visuals
  • Periorbis is Perihelion’s first fully completed game.  We have other board game concepts in the pipeline which we turn our energies to after we have successfully fulfilled our Kickstarter campaign

Periorbis – gameplay

  • A fresh take on worker placement featuring a unique orbital mechanic set in deep space
  • Periorbisis a game of skill and strategy with lots of player interaction
  • A Euro style strategy game, where players compete to amass the most victory points by mining precious ores from a constantly changing asteroid belt that moves into and out of the range of your freighter fleet
  • In the game you build up miningoperations by using a combination of specialistworkers: engineer, agent, miner, captain, and scientist
  • Periorbis brings together: economics, science, trading and a bit of old fashioned player sabotage!

Periorbis – what you get in the box

  • We’ve created a game that not only looks great, but feels nice to touch and handle.
  • Premium components, heavy gauge cardboard with a vinyl finish and high quality printing.  This ensures that “quality product” feel upon opening the box

Periorbis Box contents

Periorbis – artwork

  • Periorbis has a hard “sci-fi” theme which immediately comes across in the box cover art and the characters
  • We have worked with British artist Carl Holden (aka Badbrush) to create the amazing art visual in the game
  • Examples of the character art:

Employee Cards

What others have said about Periorbis

Periorbis is highly rated by a number of board game reviewers and is talked about in the main forum and blogging site for all things board games –

Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

“Very impressive. Really, really sharp, rock-solid interesting tense and exciting economic business simulation that just happens to be in space, which makes it awesome”

“This is a game of epic scale, you start out small but by the end of the game you are producing tons of ore and shipping a lot of stuff because you’ve got a really really kick-ass crew and you’re capable of doing a lot of stuff”



“It’s easy to teach, easy to learn, and a lot of fun to play. Periorbis will test your strategic planning skills and will have you second guessing yourself constantly. The game play is fast and exciting.”

via (

“Incorporating the movement of the turns with the lazy motion of an orbiting asteroid belt creates a great feel to the game. It also presents some unique game challenges.”


Perihelion Games

  • Perihelion Games is based in London, UK and was set up in 2013 by three friends, Dave Morton, Gareth Newton-Williams and Jason Allan to design and produce quality board games
  • “Perihelion” is the point in the orbit of a planet or other body where it is nearest to the sun. The inspiration for the company name came from the space based theme of our first game Periorbis which involves asteroids orbiting around a planet
  • We enjoy playing strategy board games and computer games.  We like games that rely on skill and judgement and a little bit of luck (but no dice!)
  • We all have real jobs and families outside of Perihelion, so the creation of Periorbis has been a labour of love

Please get in touch if you would like any further information or imagery – contact