A fresh take on worker placement featuring a unique orbital mechanic. Periorbis is a game of skill and strategy set in deep space.

Periorbis Box contents

“The greatest attraction with
[Periorbis] is that it succeeds in blending a unique theme with a worker placement and economic game… The complexity of options and variances of gameplay actions will keep you on your toes. It’s a good choice for those cube pushers who want to attempt a challenging venture off world.”


Periorbis is a Euro style strategy game, where players compete to amass the most victory points by mining precious ores from an asteroid belt.

Over 12 turns, you will build up your mining operations by allocating your employees to one of 5 specialist professions; engineer, agent, miner, captain, and scientist.

Engineers set up mining bases on asteroids, expand your HQ and upgrade your freighter fleet with new technology. Agents negotiate lucrative contracts to supply ore to the trading ships which visit the system. Miners extract ore from the asteroids where you have established mining bases. Captains transport ore and miners to and from asteroids, and scientists research new technology which you can sell for a profit or use to upgrade your freighter fleet.

Over the course of the game, 9 asteroids move into and out of the range of your freighter fleet as they orbit the planet, making it important to plan ahead. Set up mining bases on the asteroids that you want before your competition gets there first, and research better technology in time to reach asteroids that are further away.

In Periorbis, there is plenty of opportunity for skillful play to be rewarded as you vie with the other players to hire specialist employees and to sign up to the most lucrative contracts. There are also advantages to be gained from supplying ore to the trading ships at the most opportune moment.

Do you have what it takes to outdo the competition and build the most successful mining operation?

Download and read the full rules here!

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