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What others have said

Don’t just take our word for it that Periorbis is a great game.  We are proud of the reviews we’re received – in particular these quotes really made our chests swell!

“Very impressive. Really, really sharp, rock-solid interesting tense and exciting economic business simulation that just happens to be in space, which makes it awesome”

“This is a game of epic scale, you start out small but by the end of the game you are producing tons of ore and shipping a lot of stuff because you’ve got a really really kick-ass crew and you’re capable of doing a lot of stuff”

Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

“Periorbis uses worker placement and income generation very effectively and will entice even the most stalwart strategy gamers. A delicate balance is needed between managing resources and utilizing employees to achieve the best payout and victory. Dig no deeper Strategy gamers, this one’s for you.”

“The game is filled with interesting decisions for players to make. The different employees, orbital asteroid mechanic, and the unique worker placement mechanic all meld together beautifully to create one of the better Euro games I have played lately.”

“What I like about these cards

[the transport ships] is how they are constructed. There are a set number of spaces in each ship, but the number required by players if all of the contract spots are claimed is more than the capacity of the ship. This leads to intense competition between players to make sure they can get enough of their ore on the ships before they leave.”

“The genius of this game is the interesting orbital mechanic. As asteroids drift in and out of their orbits, there will be times when your workers will be cut off entirely without any hope of getting transported off of the asteroid for another one to two turns.”

“It’s easy to teach, easy to learn, and a lot of fun to play. Periorbis will test your strategic planning skills and will have you second guessing yourself constantly. The game play is fast and exciting.”

Board Game Geek review (CarcassonneFreak)

These reviews are based on the first mini production run of our game.  For the final production run, there will be notable improvements to the artwork and also better on-board/on-card references to make game play even easier.  Also, and probably the most obvious change, is the name.  Some of these reviews refer to our old name Asteroid Miner before we changed it to Periorbis (to avoid any IP confusion!).

Importantly though, there aren’t any changes to the gameplay itself – it’s still the same great game!